Wednesday, 25 February 2015

another story i wrote, hope you'll like it :D it's title is: Miracle is dead

Standing alone...
In front of that colossal machine
You look up at it as it charges it's most powerful weapon
You look and think "I need a miracle to survive this one"
You see your life flashing in front of your eyes
You're sure you're gonna die...
You smirk "heh.. miracle is dead" as you say that, you start running towards the colossus
You pull out your heaviest weapon which was attached on your back
"aaaaaaagh!!!" screaming you charge at it
"this is not where I'm gonna die!!!" screaming that, other thoughts cross your mind
If not for that event that made everything like this, you'd still be sitting at home wasting time on the internet, or playing games
"i hope i survive"
Finally the colossus' weapon charged and it fires
Making a horribly loud noise, you swear to yourself that this is not the way you're gonna die
Jumping up, you aim with your weapon at the beam
"DIE!!!" you fire one shot, the last shot in your clip
The strength of the beam from the colossus is so powerful the bullet of your customized weapon is starting to fly rickety
You land on the floor and realise that your shot won't be powerful enough
"i should've charged the bullet..."
You fall on your knees giving up...
Your life started flashing in front of your eyes
"i've always been alone... So it doesn't really matter.. One person less isn't going to kill anyone.. Heheh" you laugh at your own ironic joke
The beam is there
Erasing you together with everything about you and your memories
Nothing left, not even your existence...
No one knew you even lived...

They just forgot...

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