Thursday, 26 February 2015

I wrote this story to share my thoughts about hypocrites, the title is: Blasphemy of hypocrites

Another day of fighting
Another hopeless moment
Here's another story that i'll be citing

For there is no point to stay
And my thoughts slowly start to sway
I have made no mistake
So what have i done wrong?

I aim to go with what i think and what i say
Like the bible said "reap what you sow"
But some people forget, that the saying is not just for show

How can people be such hypocrites?
They all know
But no one admits
Because everyone permits
Who's gonna stop a hypocrite? When they're all the same
And i feel so lame
To live on the same planet as all of them
Let's just go on with our lives and blaspheme

Although everyone has their own believes
They only turn to their gods for relieves
Because why else pray to a being
That only exists for as long someone's believing?

Eh, fuck it all
Reason to live? None at all
Giving up? Often the best choice
Everything seems an option for my suicidal voice
Kill yourself all by yourself?
Or take as many with myself?
The choice exists within yourself

I'll fill my stomach with poison
I'll fill my throat with needles
I'll scar my wrist with your name

Because in your name i'll jump of a bridge
At this moment my life goes in a ridge

But that's a good sign, right?
Because if it would be flat
I'd be dead
It doesn't matter if i'm sad

I'll hang myself with a strap
Or just stab
Myself in the chest with a piece of your broken heart
Because it's no art
To break someone
But to heal them with your warmth

Everyday is another battle
And i'm tired of fighting
But this is war
And i don't care if i'm the last one standing

So this might be a goodbye...
Or a farewell
But it doesn't matter anyway

Because everyone's gonna die.. And that is what i foretell.. 

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