Monday, 2 March 2015

I wrote this last night, when i was feeling a bit down, hope you'll like it. The title: At Night

"The nights are the worst"
Is what she told me...
I agree
It's at night that our minds are getting the most negative way of thinking
Is it because we get tired?
Maybe the effect of the moon?
It's at night that we get lonely...
It's at night that we want to be held the most..
It's at night that we remember our mistakes...
It's at night that our hearts start withering away..
Because at night the silence is the loudest
Our thoughts... Our fears..
No one else can see our tears
It's when we open up to ourselves..
Just so we can wake up with a smile
Just so we can survive until night
Because at night..
That's where all of us fight...

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