Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A story/song i wrote not that long back, its title: locked up bird

Locked up bird
In a rusted cage
Cries on and on
Till its voice is dead

Will someone hear its cries?

Locked up bird
Weeps on and on
Until its eyes are dry

Will someone see its tears?

Locked up bird
Shouts on and on
Until its voice is hoarse

Will someone hear its shouts?

Can you hear it crying?
Can you see it weeping?
Can you hear it shouting..?

Does it get through to you?
Do you hear what it's like to die?

Locked up bird
In a rusted cage..
Screams on and on
But no one hears
No, no one hears

No one hears a dying scream
It keeps on falling
It's just like a dream

Locked up bird
With a dying scream
That no one will ever hear

It sits lonely in a dark and forgotten room
Covered in blood..
The floor is about to disappear

And the bird will keep on falling
Until it crashes

And breaks its heart..

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