Saturday, 28 February 2015

Another text i wrote, it's about trust, and the way someone uses words, it's title is simply: Trust

Just a word can bring someone to tears
Whether they're tears of joy
Or tears of despair
Is our, and only our choice

A word of hate can bring someone suicide thoughts
But a word of love can push life back into you

There are simple, but also difficult words
Understanding them is only the first step to understand each other
Understanding the meaning behind the words is the second
And the way you take them in is the third

It's these steps that make, but also break bonds

But what if there are no words?
A moment of silence can make your heart beat as fast as a speeding car
But then it can also crash

Looking into your significant other's eyes can make your heart beat in joy
Unless they're crying
Then your heart will beat in sorrow

And then you realise how it's like to be hollow...

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