Monday, 23 February 2015

First story i wrote today: Hate of feelings

I will scream, and scream and scream
until i rip out my throat

i will cut through my veins so deep i'll get to my soul

i will swallow enough pills to drown in my own tears

Will you be there to save me from myself?
will you come like you always promised to..?
or will you prove to me that your words were as hollow as mine?
You once was my love but you've turned into my darkest fears

i lost you, like i lost my heart
i was always trying to be
What you were dying to see

no wound i will inflict on myself will recompensate what i've done

i cry out and scream even harder
your name fades in my memories
as i suffocate with my words

i keep on screaming
but i've got nothing to say

i'll keep on running
but i no longer have anywhere to go

so should i just jump off a building?
run under a car
maybe drown in the never ending abyss
or even hang myself?

You reassured me that everything will be alright
but the next day you told me "let's just stay friends"

You reassured me that i can sleep tight at night
but then you tell me my worst nightmare

if it's all a dream
        it has to be a dream
then please wake me up

stab me with your words like you did before
strangle me with hope that you gave
and drown me in the pieces of our memories

Where'd you go i miss you so
Seems like it's been forever since you've been gone

Gone, gone like a shadow in a flashlight
Since then everyone's been asking if i'm alright

No i'm not alright
Everything's wrong
Why do you have to be gone
Come back i need you

No words can describe the way i feel
i'm not even sure if anything's still real

i'm giving up
my hope is gone
my life is over

if it was to teach me a lesson
i've seen enough...

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