Monday, 23 February 2015

I called this one: "FAILED TEXT" because of the misunderstanding it created...

I hold my breath and everything freezes
In this dark and wicked world, i turn transparent

Don't look at me, don't look for me
I'm too damaged

I don't want to be hurt in a world of someone else's imagination

Tell me, please tell me
Who am i, when nobody's looking?

I stopped wanting to be held
As i disappear in my own shadows

Explain to me with your indecisive mind, how i should live my life
I noticed, every time you look at me with utmost dissatisfaction, your reality became covered with madness and melancholy

Three words from you, divided my world into two
"i love you" as you said with a hateful expression

we've come so far, come back
If only i could just erase it all
delete it from my recollection

I will fall until i reach the end of infinity
I will fall unconscious
Telling myself in order to forget, a diversion from hate

I will keep falling, keep falling, you're no longer here
all the lights have disappeared

I remember your smile

Keeping me together, when i descent into the never ending darkness
My reasoning no longer exists

Come, please come and save me from my fate

High in the sky with my mind
You're the only i ever think
It seems as if I'm an infinity away
Since that moment, that day, when i dreamed of you

You showed your now empty and hollow smile

Remember, please remember, remind yourself of the first day we met

I know it has been a while
But I'm sure, i know that you remember
i was more sad than you could've imagined
but you helped me get up

Remember, please remember that day
I kept telling myself "I'll keep waiting"
but you came yourself

with your pure and innocent smile
that i tainted

Do you know that feeling of rain?
not the the one outside
but in your heart
When it rains so hard you cry your eyes out

At a time like that I'd show you your pain
But all went in vain
It's too long to explain

But listen, please listen
The once forever raining heart
Is healed

With your cure
The curse you broke
And the happiness you created

We're meant to be together, it's fated

You told me that I'm the depth of your being
Your soul
Your mind and heart

"Everything I've got is yours" you said

But you forgot to mention that I'm your hatred
Your sadness
Your weakness and madness

I believe that what you said was not a lie
Our withering hearts changed on the day we met

Those weren't false memories

So remember, please remember

Slowly, tell me what it's like to love

I remember your scent
I take a deep breath, as if to remember
Not because I've forgotten, because i don't want to forget

It's all overflowing, everything is overflowing

You are a good person
But it felt like a coercion
Don't worry, I'll make it right
Everything we've been through
It's worth the fight

I wonder, what will we do with our lives?
What will we do for a living?
It's of no matter, for as long as we are together

My memories overlap one after another
Remind me, please remind me what was right

I need you

My memories are like pieces of a broken mirror
I can see myself in the parts
But i can't find who i am

I'm too damaged
Too shattered

By your side, only by your side
let me stay forever
Together, let's look at the sky

And remind ourselves of our perfect past
and then look forward to our never ending time to come

Because without you
I'm not going anywhere

so let's keep our promise of the moment we said "i love you"

With the spark in our eyes

--- Sorry for the long post ---

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