Tuesday, 29 December 2015

This is my original work i have created and written Title(s): Just drown/Don't drown. If you are unable to read the text, then it's written out below it :)

Just Drown
I will scream, and scream and scream
until i rip out my throat

I will cut through my veins so deep i'll get to my soul

I will swallow enough pills to drown in my own thoughts

Will you be there to save me from myself?
Will you come like you always promised to..?
Or will you prove that your words were as hollow as mine?

You were my love once, but you've turned into my darkest fears

I lost you, the same way i lost my heart
I was always trying to find it
But it was a hopeless journey

No wound i inflict on myself will ever describe the pain

I cry out, and scream even harder
Your name fades in my memories
As i suffocate in my words

My words were my last resort
But they only got in the way
And never across

I keep on screaming
Even though I've got nothing else to say

I'll keep on running
Although i no longer have anywhere to go

So should I just, disappear?
Would you ever miss me?
Would you ever look over your shoulder and ask "where are you?"

If it's all a dream
        it has to be a dream
Then please, wake me up

Where did you go …
I thought that I was the one who's gone, but I only got lost looking for you

Gone, everything is gone
Everyone is gone
I stand on this empty field

I look at my feet
And see myself sinking
Is it the emptiness that swallows me?
Or am I willing to disappear
In hope that you'll look for me in return?

No words can describe the way i feel
I'm not even sure if anything's still real

I'm giving up
My hope is gone
My life is over

If it was to teach me a lesson
I've had enough…

You were the one I thought could save me
But then, you became the one to drown me

Don't Drown
As I lay at the bottom of my consciousness
I hold my breath and wonder

Am I dreaming?
Am I drowning?

Slowly I stand up
My body heavy as if being pulled down

As I try jumping up
I get pulled down
I lay on my back once again

I look up and see light
I reach out my hand
As if to reach to it

I need to get up
I don't want to stay in this
I look down at my feet and see myself being pulled down underneath the bottom

Am I slowly dying?
Rotting away like a corpse

I go through life like a zombie
Is that all there is?

No, it can't be
I'm not going to accept this
I'm not going to stay in a place like this
I'm not going to suffocate here

"don’t drown" "don’t drown…" I repeat to myself as I slowly get up

I look up and the light gets brighter
The warmth lets me keep going
I jump once again, with the rest of my strength

I can reach it
I know I can
I will

I reach out my hand
And this time you were there
You are my light

You pulled me up when I was at my weakest
As you embraced me, I heard you whisper "don’t drown"

Hope you liked it, feel free to leave some feedback

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